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Day After Session


Paula & Jason ~ Day After Session

Paula and Jason opted to schedule a day after wedding shoot, which is one of the new hottest trends in the wedding biz.  What is a day after shoot, you ask?  It is a photo session a few days after the wedding or after the honeymoon.  Or even you can do it 1 year from your nuptials.  The bride and groom dress in their wedding swag and have a relaxing and stress free photo session with no time restraints.  Think about it: Wouldn't you have more fun and relaxing taking your wedding photos if you didn't have to worry about rushing off to your cocktail hour? You can also get different backdrops and angles than what you had at your reception site, such as a natural setting if your reception was indoors or a funky urban street if your venue was formal or traditional. Plus, you get to wear your dress again -- score!

What is really awesome about these types of sessions is that you don’t have to worry about getting your wedding clothes dirty or wrinkled if your photographer wants you to take pictures outside or in a crazy location.  And since these pictures are taken within days or weeks of the actual wedding, the bride and groom are still in the honeymoon stage and the emotions come through making for amazing photos.

Another major advantage to this kind of after wedding photo session is that the pictures can be taken anywhere in ANY setting. When you are not pressured on time, your  wedding photographer will be able to use his/her creativity.  This is an opportunity to get some very different kind of pictures than you were able to get on your wedding day.

Benefits of an After the Wedding Day Photo Shoot:

Wardrobe Changes: It allows for additional pictures in your wedding attire, as well as in your reception dress and/or honeymoon clothes.

Go Places: This second shoot, whether after the honeymoon or the day after the wedding, allows for pictures to be taken in a wide variety of venues – indoors and out – in an art museum or in a forest. Go to the first place you met, kissed, started dating, etc. Make some exciting memories!

Less Stress: BREATH....You get all these extra shots and you don’t have to put any extra stress on your wedding day schedule. You can even be a little more relaxed on your wedding day, knowing that there will be another day for taking more pictures.

More Props: You can choose to use all types of props that you could not use on your wedding day. These after wedding photos can be playful and teasing or they can be serious and sultry. Of course they can also be both. That is the real glory of the after wedding day photos – they can be anything at all that you want them to be. They are not held back by the formality of the wedding day.

Location: Dayton Art Institute
Hair & Makeup: Pinned Up