Ashley & Chris are a SUPER FUN and FANTASTIC  AMAZING couple who I absolutely fell in love with.  They are a truly special and quirky couple.  They are always making faces and inside jokes and they didn't hold back just because it was their wedding day!  They saw this as an opportunity to have total fun, as you should!!!

From the start, I knew this was going to be a super fun and exciting event when we brainstormed together before the wedding to talk about their vision for the images they wanted to capture.  At this meeting we came up with some crazy funny Photoshop ideas that we could photograph on their wedding day.  They really made it so easy and such a blast to work with them.  The couple was down for WHATEVER and would jump into whatever position whether wild and crazy or a serious/romantic moment. 

They have a wiener dog named Charlie (of course they do!), which we used in one of the outrageous Photo-shopped images.    He couldn't attend the main event so we wanted to incorporate him in another way.  So we decided to photograph the Bride and Groom on the wedding day and then Charlie a few days later- then work them together for a memorable shot. 

Chris's hobby is painting so he designed and painted all the centerpieces.  After the reception they were taken apart and given away as gifts to the guests.   He also designed all the wedding printed materials such as invitations, escort cards and programs. He is pretty amazing!

Wedding are emotional days, especially when all your loved ones can't attend the event. My heart went out to Ashley when I heard that her Father passed away seven years before.  To remember him she wore bracelet with his thumbprint cast into the metal.  It was a beautiful way to honor his memory.  She also had a special father/daughter dance with her whole immediate family.  It was really sweet and it made me cry!!!   

During the reception, they had a crazy dollar dance so they could ensure that they spend time with each guest and this was also a perfect opportunity for one of her bridesmaids to "make-it-rain”.  Then after a night of serious partying, the couple they hired Zombie Dogz, a local food truck that specializes in gourmet hot dogs for a late night snack.   YUM!

What a great event and a great couple!!!!!  They truly contributed to so much to the creative process and helped to make their images so much more their own.  But they also trusted me to bring my flair as well, and were open to "trying" stuff to see what worked.  The best example is that on the way to their reception I saw this beautiful hill behind the hotel.  It was quite a climb, but I saw some beautiful images that could be made.  They were totally on board with it.  So we hiked all the way up this mini mountain and they now say that those images are their favorites from the whole day.  It was worth the extra time and energy. 

Team Ashley and Chris!!!  Thanks for making my job as a wedding photographer a complete blast.  I live for these kind of events and this is the reason I got into wedding photography in the first place.


Reception: Hilton Garden Inn    |     Dress: David's Bridal
Cake: Libby's Luscious Layers    |    Flowers: Flowerman
DJ: Fresh Air Entertainment   |    Late Night Snack: Zombie Dogz