Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that Same-Sex Couples have a constitutional right to get married in the United States of America!  What a glorious moment to be a spectator to!  I'm so overjoyed;  I never imagined 20 years ago that this would be a possibility!  

I grew up in a non-traditional family, two mom's and gay men everywhere!  I don't think I met a straight man (aside from my father) until I was 10.  I have spent time with cross-dressers, drag queens and transgender ladies.  And loved every moment of their company!

Gay pride rally's in Washington D.C., safe-sex talks in local colleges and prisons, hours spent volunteering for Stonewall and the AIDS Task Force were all life shaping parts of my upbringing.  The people in and around the LGBT community have spent countless hours working for rights that they should have had from the beginning.  We truly live in a country where change is possible.  It might be slow, but it's possible.  This victory belongs to everyone who has fought to make it possible!

But there is still some progress to be made- like anti-discrimination policies in the workplace.  We are on the right path with this new verdict, I'm so hopeful that equality is possible <3