Sara & Tracy are best friends and sole mates!  They melted my heart the first time I met them, and so when they decided to get married I HAD to be there!  Traveling to Portland, Oregon was one of the highlights of my life-  this place is where 90's grunge never died and my heart belongs.

Sara & Tracy are an outdoorsy couple who love to hike and are very adventurous.  It was a long walk to their beautiful Redwood Deck where they had their ceremony.  Along the path they added photos and memories about their journey together. 

This was a wonderful DIY wedding.  Family made all of the food, flowers and centerpieces.  Friends also helped with Hair & Makeup, setting up and their good friend even performed their marriage ceremony. 

Instead of cake they op-ted for PIE!!!!  So yummy!  Instead of a DJ they had a lovely folk singer provide live music.  <3  

Check out their Engagement photos here


Venue: Hoyt Arboretum |  Flowers: Adam Foote
Pies: Pam Van Scoyk  |  Hair & Makeup: Kelsey Phillips with Blush Hair Design
Live Music: Margaret Wehr  | Bridal Dress: Charlotte's Wedding's
Photography: Sarah Babcock Studio