I'm really excited to show you Ruby Mae's photographs.  She is two weeks old and has a big brother named Rhett.

I met her parents 9 months ago while designing my new portrait studio and consultation space in Bellbrook, Ohio.  Her father Grant is a fantastic craftsman and woodworker.  He built the two showcase pieces in my new office.  A huge reclaimed wood table and a hanging multi-light Edison Bulb fixture.    He crafted exactly what I had in mind for my space.  For him, I photographed his wonderful wedding.  (I got the better end of the deal)  I was so excited when his beautiful new wife Sallie asked me to photograph their newborn baby.  Making art for another artist is so fulfilling.  They trust you and appreciate the time and effort that goes into the craft.  You can find Grant Kemper at OffTheLimbProductions.com .

For a while, I have wanted to sew my own baby onsies for photography.  I finally did it!!!  Ruby Mae is wearing two different of my simple cotton knit rompers.  They were so easy to make, I can't believe I didn't try sooner!  


Linens: Prime Time Party Rental  |  Flowers: Floral V Designs
 Photography: Sarah Babcock Studio

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