Kids are amazing, aren’t they? They have such adventurous and fun loving spirits. Anna and her sisters are no exception. When it came time for Anna’s first birthday photo session I was beyond pumped.

Anna’s mom, Melissa, of Frosted brought in a beautiful cake for the girls to enjoy...and smash. It made for such gorgeous images. Her cakes are so yummy and also really pretty! 

Now here’s where I get extra pumped (did I mention I was pumped, yet?) I set up what I’m calling Babcock Studio’s Dream Imagery…okay the name is pending…anyway, it's a crazy cinematic image.  The photos are taken in studio then edited by yours truly to be whatever we dream it to be. In Anna’s case, she sores off in to the sky in her hot air balloon with her sisters on her tail. I hope you enjoy the wonder and joy that is Anna’s first birthday session as much as I did.