Cape Kiwanda is one of the most interesting beaches I have ever been on!  It's on the coast of Oregon about 1.5 hours from Portland.  I was on a journey to find a specific wonder of the world-  the Duckbill Rock.  This is way up on a sandstone mountain, quite a climb and behind a wired off fence.  It's legal to hike into this area however is incredibly dangerous.  The sand can give way at any moment.  My couple Jessica & Casey were happy to take the journey to this beautiful and one-of-a-kind location.  With my camera equipment, 3 wedding dresses, 2 flower crowns and a bridal bouquet in tow I climbed up the tallest sand wall I have ever seen.  

I'm really excited for you to see these images.  This Duckbill Rock has been photographed 1,000's of times and has been in existence for 100's of years.  Only 2 or 3 weeks after our bridal session vandals destroyed this rock.  5+ adult men pushed it back and fourth until it collapsed.  The were caught on video.  Watch it here.

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